Phillip’s Project 2 (Final) – Gorilla Munch Cereal


After struggling coming up with a product during the preliminary stages of the project, I decided to do one on Gorilla Munch cereal. I probably took hours coming up with a short list of possible products to choose from, but after not coming up with one I was completely sold on, I went back to a site I created earlier in the year as inspiration. I really wanted to have fun with Project 2, which was why I chose the product I did. I really was driven to do a site I could share with my friends, and one that would challenge me too. I felt like when I took 341, I played it safe with all my websites, and I was a little scared to experiment.

The experimentation of this website came with the interactivity, specifically though the interactive game. I was a honestly scared when I planned on doing it. I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off, and I knew if I set out to do it, the “fun-factor” of my site as a whole would heavily rely on executing it well. I’m really glad I got it to work. I would’ve loved to have it work on a tablet/phone though, but the plugin doesn’t allow it for some reason.

I’m probably gonna continue refining the site through the summer. I haven’t made a fully responsive website yet this term, and I think if I do get the interactive game to work across multiple devices, it would be nice to have it look the best it can be depending on the screen size it’s viewed on. I probably should’ve added a contact form somewhere, wish I had more time to do that or get the shopping cart to work.


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